Balance and Fall Prevention in Davie, FL

Every day, countless people are injured by falling, especially seniors. 75% of Americans 70 years and older have balance problems, and these issues increase by almost 30% in people aged 80 years and more. While some fall injuries are minor, an accident can also result in a serious medical emergency.

Don’t let the fear of falling limit your life; visit Advanced Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. for balance and fall prevention in Davie, FL. Our team will design fitness programs tailored to your current abilities and goals that will reduce your risk of injury. Contact us today to learn more about our physical therapy programs or schedule an appointment.

How Physical Therapy Helps Prevent Falls

While some falls are pure accidents, many are caused by balance-related issues like muscle weakness and joint stiffness. As part of our therapy services, we will custom design an exercise program that will improve your mobility gradually so that you move with more ease, coordination, and confidence. Furthermore, we will also increase your core strength while avoiding joint stress. Regardless of your starting point, our trainers will work with you to reduce your fall risk and improve your overall physical condition.

In addition, we can also advise you about other ways to decrease your chance of injury while at home and outside. These solutions range from recommending better footwear to educating clients about common household hazards and more. Find out more about our physical therapy and rehab programs by contacting us today.